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The animosity between Earth’s superpowers breached every boundary. And so, five thousand light years away, on a meteor-fractured planet with a hellish environment, Unión Latino and Coalition established opposing bases—and continued their unrelenting distrust and dislike of each other.

At great sacrifice on the inhospitable planet Murkor, Coalition created Zenith, an opulent mining facility where a lucrative mineral is processed. That is, until an unexpected obstacle suddenly shut down operations—ending dreams of riches for thirty disgruntled and increasingly belligerent mining techs.

A mere one hundred kilometers away lies Nadir, Unión Latino’s outdated and deteriorating outpost. It is here that Comandante Garcia and a beleaguered crew must weigh the consequences of their only advantage: They control most of the planet’s subterranean water reserves. The one commodity that Zenith desperately lacks.

Which is why Commander Ellis, acting on Coalition’s bidding, has arrived at Zenith. Her unwritten orders: Use any means necessary to seize the opposition’s resources. After all, this far out on the spiral arm, who would be able to assign cause or determine blame?

Each commander ponders their next move. As tensions increase, there are accounts of something more disturbing. Thought to be devoid of sentient life, Murkor makes it impossible to ignore the feeling that an enigmatic entity haunts the planet. Are the strange symptoms being experienced the product of human imagination warped by living under stress on a shattered and desolate world?

Or, as some fear, maybe they are not alone.

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