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KYLE LORENZO is venturing on two journeys into the unknown: One to an enigmatic ocean planet floating somewhere in the infinite reaches of outer space; another exploring the nebulous recesses of the inner psyche.

It is during the long and isolating interstellar journey that a physical relationship develops between Kyle and the ship's physician, Kelly Takara. That part is easy. Understanding the reasons for avoiding the emotional commitment desired by Kelly is harder. So, too, is trying to penetrate the mind of Larry Melhaus, the mission's brilliant and reclusive physicist - a failure of communication made exponentially more troublesome when the scientist's disturbing behavior begins to threaten the crew.

And while Kyle seeks a path to comprehending himself and Melhaus, the ship's crew, led by their strong-willed commander, Bruce Thompson, try to fathom a planet where none of the precepts of science seem to apply. A world where every preconceived notion of what constitutes life must be re-examined and challenged.

Looking inward. Looking outward. Two seemingly antithetical journeys. Strange if they culminate at the same destination...

Beethoven's Opus 61 in D Major is referenced in one of the scenes. If you'd like to listen to a portion of this emotional piece, adjust your sound levels and click the music link under the above cover.
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